Tea Selection

Fairtrade & Organic 


After some searching and experimenting, we are excited to introduce you to new fairtrade and organic tea offerings by Nu-Tea, a Canadian company that sources and hand blends its own teas in addition to carrying a line of fairtrade and organic teas from the UK. For more information about the company and its teas visit www.tegatea.com.

Offerings include: Masala Chai Rooibos (herbal), Chamomile Citrus (herbal), Ginger Green (green), Mint Green* (green), White and Spicy* (black organic only, not fairtrade), and NEW this year two specially designed “West Coast inspired” teas (organic only, not fairtrade): Cranberry with Ginger tea (herbal) and White Ice Wine with Maple tea (white).

Nature's Cup


Additionally, we are happy to support Ontario- based tea purveyor OPLINC Natures Cup by carrying their Organic Green, Organic English Breakfast and Organic Earl Grey teas.

This small local tea company sources their teas from Sri Lanka.  Tea boxes contain 25 tea sachets/bags per box and are also available in bulk packages of 50 tea bags. For more information visit www.organicteacup.com.