Our Roasts

roasted beansRoast terminology tends to differ, depending on the region and the roaster. At Alternative Grounds, each roast is tailored to enhance the particular characteristics of the bean being roasted, highlighting the unique flavours and body inherent in each bean. We offer single origin beans as well as a wide variety of our own signature blends:

  • Medium: This is our lightest roast, and it is used to bring out the full body and brightness in the bean.
  • Full City: Slighty darker, our full city roast is pulled at the beginning of the second crack to enhance the sweetness inherent in the bean.

  • Dark Roast: While there are many terms to describe this roast, for us, the end result is a deep dark brown bean in which the sugars have caramelized and acidity has tempered.  Our dark roast does not equal black and oily coffee. We roast everyday to order, this means that the oils in the coffee will not start to come to the surface of the beans for at least one or two days.

  • Espresso: Is NOT a roast but a method of preparing coffee. At Alternative Grounds, we have carefully crafted our signature  blends to incorporate two or more different roast styles and a variety of beans chosen for their unique contribution to the overall taste and texture profile of a solid espresso shot/serving.

 Decaf CO2 Process


Rest Easy! CO2 is a natural way to gently remove caffeine from coffee beans. Compressed to a liquid state, Carbon Dioxide - the compound we exhale with every breath - is a natural solvent which grabs caffeine and pulls it from the bean.

Because Carbon Dioxide adheres only to caffeine and not to the elements that give coffee its great flavour, CO2 decafs have more flavour and aroma than any other naturally decaffeinated coffees we've tried.