KODUKAK (Koperative Dutezimbere Kawa Kigeyo)

KODUKAK is the newest member coop of the well-established COOPAC, an umbrella cooperative that brings together over 8,000 coffee producers from the six areas of Ack, Ubuzima, Tuzamurane, Kopabm, Abakundakurima and Abanyamurava in Rwanda's Western province.

In 2006, 257 coffee farmers from the Kigeyo came together and decided to collect and process coffee cherries in order to improve the quality of the coffee grown in their region. In 2015 KODUKAK (Koperative Dutezimbere Kawa Kigeyo) became a registered cooperative. Today  KODUKAK  counts with 990 members farmers (651 men and 339 women) and specializes in fully washed Bourbon heirloom coffee, a prized strain of arabica coffee. Production of this coffee is done at an elevation of up to 1900 meters above sea level near and around Lake Kivu, one of Africa's Great Lakes.

For more information on COOPAC, its history and member coops, visit www.coopac.com, or follow them on twitter at www.twitter.com/kodukak