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FECAFEB was founded in 1991 as a national organization to defend the rights and needs of small-scale coffee farmers. Since its inception, FECAFEB has taken huge steps forward and seems to be right in stride with the new Bolivian political reality in support of Indigenous voice and rights. FECAFEB is currently comprised of 30 coffee producer organizations, representing some 8,700 families.

FECAFEB and its member coops have developed in important ways, including: the consolidation of its now 30 cooperative members; a widespread training program for administrative, leadership and quality control improvements offered to 470 cooperative leaders old and new; creating a political space for the voice of small-scale coffee producers to be heard and amplified; and in the sale of 120 containers of coffee primarily into the Fair Trade, Organic and other specialty markets.

mejillonesAssociacion Integral de Productores Ecologicos de Pumiri (AIPEP) is a affiliated member of FECAFEB and the first to have booked a lot of coffee for shipment to Coop Coffees. This coffee received great reviews in the recently held Cup of Excellence, the first of its kind in Bolivia. We are pleased to tell you that we just received our first bag of this lot and are looking forward to share it with all of you! The coffee is grown at 3,600-4,500 feet above sea level, is 100% Typica and shade grown.

caranaviAIPEP currently has 32 founding members and 22 recently enlisted. The founding members have worked hard to construct impressive internal systems for excellent organic production and quality control, as well as solid mechanisms for assuring participation and administrative oversite by the members. AIPEP leaders say some 120 other farmers in the surrounding areas are watching their progress at securing markets, and have the potential to multiply their export capacity four-fold. AIPEP has been certified by IMO Control since 2002, but to date has not been able to export directly, nor be adequately compensated for their organic investment. We are looking forward to help change this and a fruitful partnership with AIPEP and its member farmers!