CPC, Laos

Laos1C.P.C Bolaven Plateau Coffee Producers Cooperative

Founded in 2007 through a collaboration between AFD (Agence Française de Développement), Laotian government, and the coffee producers of Bolavens. 

Fondo Paez, Colombia

ColombiaThe Paez (who also call themselves Nasa, or "the people") is the largest indigenous group in Colombia.

CAC Pangoa, Peru (DECAF only)


NOTE: This coffee is found in decaf offerings only



KODUKAK (Koperative Dutezimbere Kawa Kigeyo)

KODUKAK is the newest member coop of the well-established COOPAC, an umbrella cooperative that brings together over 8,000 coffee producers from the six areas of Ack, Ubuzima, Tuzamurane, Kopabm, Abakundakurima and Abanyamurava in Rwanda's Western province.

Sidama Union, Ethiopia

sidama1Fast Facts about Sidama Union (SCFCU)

Founded in: 2001

Members: 87,000 farmers as of 2008, 45 cooperatives; 30 FLO certified

Regions: Sidama (southwest Ethiopia)

COMSA, Honduras

  • honduras mapFounded: 2001
  • Members - 620 producers
  • Altitude: 1200-1600 meters above sea level
  • Geographic region: Marcala, Honduras
  • Coffee Varieties: Arabica – Catuai, Caturra, Lempira, Pacas

Café Orgánico Marcala (COMSA) was founded in December of 2001 with a vision of creating new and alternative development opportunities for small-scale coffee farmers in the region.


EmapFAPECAFES (Association of Agri­Artisinal Coffee Growers of Rio Intag) Cooperative was  founded approximately 12 years ago out of a need for people in the valley Intaq to organize in defense of their land and way of life against foreign mining interests.

Cooperativa Café Timor, East Timor

Our East Timor offering is the primary source of income for about one-fourth of the country's population, or some 44000 families. The production from this part of the world is small in the global coffee context (approximately one percent of international totals). Nevertheless, coffee is crucial to the country's overall economy and it is the most important source of foreign exchange for East Timor.


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maya vinic seedlings

Coffee grows in Maya Vinic Coop, Acteal (Chiapas, Mexico)

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