What's the Buzz? BEANS! That's What!

espressourselfAt Alternative Grounds we offer a wide variety of beans and blends. We love our beans and that means we roast them every day, Monday to Friday, so our offerings rotate daily. It also means we may not have the bean or blend roasted that you want. We are happy to suggest an alternative (variety is indeed the spice of life!), or you can always call ahead of time to ensure we have what you want when you visit. We've listed a number of our varietals and signature blends just to whet your whistle! For more information, or to check availability, call Kevin Walters at (416) 534-6335.Verified Organic

Just so you know: The coffees that we label "organic' are those that have been certified by an independent certification body, in our case Pro-Cert Organic Systems, Canada's foremost national certifier of organic food products. For more information, visit