Though our specialty is coffee, we do enjoy a great cup of tea and a chocolate treat every so often. And just as we expect only the best when it comes to coffee, we feel the same about everything else we savour and offer to wholesale clients. To view our current offerings for chocolate (Cocoa Camino & Galerie au Chocolat) and tea products (Nature's Cup and Nu-tea) available for purchase, Click on the left margin to explore offerings in stock and new additions for fall/winter 2018.


Artisan crafted fine chocolate made in Canada!

Galerie au Chocolat chocolate bars: Made by a Montreal-based chocolatier, these chocolate bars are truly delicious and fairtrade made from cocoa fairly produced and traded from the Dominican Republic. There is a reason this chocolate has been so enthusiastically received by our wholesale customers and it is all about taste!!

OUR PRICE & PRODUCT LIST is available by request; for a copy call us at the roastery 416-534-6335 or send us an email care of